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GPCC exists to provide a diverse range of services to help individuals, cycling groups or teams get the most out of the best sport in the world.


So, if you want to keep fit, enjoy the great outdoors and just enjoy the thrill of riding whether it be the challenge of a sportive with a group of friends, a mountain bike ride exploring new routes or a top speed time trial trying to shave a few seconds off a personal best, i want to help you get the best out of your biking and can offer the following services to help you achieve this.


Indeed, the GP in GPCC could also stand for Greatest Potential! Are you realising yours?

Welcome to GPCC

About Greg Parker - 

Greg Parker....... its no surprise if you haven't heard of me, i'm not an ex-pro or a sponsored elite athlete, i'm just a cyclist who loves riding and racing bicycles and I've been doing it for a very long time now!


However, In the last 3 years i developed my own training regime and as a result  i have won multiple Time Trial 'Open' events and even a National title (age group) in the  CTT (Cycling Time Trials)  closed circuit champs.


I won the CTT regional (South District) points title in 2013 and have set some pretty rapid times over all the main Time Trial distances and as a 50 plus athlete i'm quite proud of those achievements! 

Like me, i want to help others achieve things they never thought possible and that is what inspired me to start my own coaching services.


Each rider I coach comes from a different background, Triathlete, Road Racers, Time Triallist, Sportive Riders and each one is at a different stage of their development.


Some have been riding for years, some are relative novices  but whilst the individual training sessions for a Iron Man Triathlete may look very different to those of a short distance Time Triallist key elements of athletic performance (and therefore training) are fundamental to a cyclists performance and an effective coach can create a specific plan that incorporates all the right elements of training to make you go FASTER!  


I'm an ABCC (Association of British Cycle Coaches) level 2 coach and a British Cycling qualified Mountain Bike Trail Leader. I am also a Specialized Body Geometry level 2 (advanced) bike fitter and a Cytech qualified mechanic.


Give me a call or use the contact form and realise your Greater Potential with GPCC


Greg Parker
Bespoke Coaching Plans

Most cycling coaches offer different levels of service from a very basic 'one size fits all' plan to a far more comprehensive one-to-one bespoke service.


I am of the opinion that the only true coaching service is a full one-to-one service.  


After an initial face to face meeting, I provide a bespoke training plan written for an individual's specific needs and goals  


My aim is to assist you with setting (realistic) goals; this in turn will be the basis for your training plan (specific to YOUR needs).


Then through monitoring your training, regular one-to-one discussion and feedback between coach and athlete, with regular performance testing and post race analysis, your training plan evolves and develops along with you. 

  • Free Initial Consultation

  • Bespoke written plan sent to client on regular basis

  • Plan custom to individual based on Heart Rate or Power testing

  • Unlimited contact with coach (email, text or phone)

  • No minimum sign up period

Your coach can be your mentor providing support and encouragement, and I actively encourage my athletes to contact me as often as they wish to discuss any aspect of their plan or training and I am even happy to go out for some one-to-one sessions on the bike (with those i can keep up with!)


Some coaching services charge upwards of  £300 per month for the above....My charge for this fully interactive coaching service is £75 per month. There is no minimum sign up period so you can use my services for as long, or as short a time as you like.

Bike Fitting Service
  • Initial interview to discuss riding style, aims, injury history etc

  • Physical assessment to evaluate your strength and flexibility levels

  • Multi dimensional assessment on stationary trainer.

  • Adjustments made to saddle height, saddle setback, stem length, cleat position etc

  • Final measurements recorded

  • Feedback from rider (7 - 14 days) with follow up sessions if require


Bespoke training plans tailored to the individual (ABCC Level 2 Coach)


Professional bike fitting service (Specialized Level 2 Advanced  Fitter)


British Cycling qualified Trail Leader


Cytech qualified mechanic


Your position on the bike is worth more than any piece of equipment such as lightweight wheels or electronic groupsets, yet this is the area most riders neglect.


I have been conducting bike fits on clients for over 4 years and i am a level 2 (advanced)  Specialized Body Geometry fitter.


Bike fitting has in recent times become an industry in itself with various systems developed all claiming to give the ultimate result.

In reality, a good bike fit is dependent upon the fitters knowledge and experience.


90% of my bike fits come from happy client recommendations.


An optimal bike fit is a two way communication process between the bike fitter and the bike rider, my aim is to ensure you get the most out of yourself in terms of power whilst ensuring your position remains comfortable and you remain injury free.

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